Woman Claims She Was Fired From Woodbridge Law Firm After Suffering Panic Attack | Nj.com

Im physically shaking and suffering inside. I cant do this anymore. By the end of the day, Springvloed was fired and told her termination was due to absences and needing to leave early and come in late, the lawsuit states. Springvloed claims she recovered from her panic attack the next morning and emailed her bosses that she wanted to come back to work. Instead of responding to her emails, the company returned her personal belongings, according to Springvloed. Springvloed claims the law firm had accommodated her in the past by allowing intermittent medical leave and intermittent early release and/or late arrival. Springvloed is suing under the New Jersey Law Against Disability Discrimination, claiming the termination was an act of retaliation when she tried to exercise her rights under the law. The termination caused Springvloed to suffer emotional and financial distress, the suit states.
Source: Woman claims she was fired from Woodbridge law firm after suffering panic attack | NJ.com

Social Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | LiveScience

Some of the symptoms can come on weeks or months before an event and be brought on by simply thinking about an upcoming social situation. Social phobias severely inhibit a persons ability to make and maintain friendships. To cope, many will completely avoid situations or severely limit their activities. If they do attend a social gathering, they will fade to the background. They will rarely attend events alone and need to bring someone they know along for security. Causes Like many mental health issues, social anxiety disorder sometimes runs in families. People with social anxiety disorder can also exhibit depression or other mental health conditions. Of the 15 million American adults who have the disorder, most begin exhibiting signs in childhood or early adolescence.
Source: Social Anxiety Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | LiveScience


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