Seven Answers For Panic Sufferers – Panic Disorder – Anxiety

Your cramp or fluttery sensations come about as a result of this. Why do my fingers tingle? Its another physical response to fight-or-flight. What causes my breathing difficulties? Anxiety sufferers almost all breathe in a rapid shallow fashion. The intercostal muscles between the ribs begin to tense and the expansion of the chest can become affected making breathing more of a labor. The trick is to take a long slow lung-filling breath, hold it for say five seconds, then exhale slowly then as you finish, to push out more air than you feel youve drawn in.
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Panic attack? No, something much worse – Health & Wellness

Mia said she felt fine and brushed off questions about what had been wrong. Carmen remembers feeling glad that Mia had a previously scheduled appointment with the therapist who had been helping her cope with her father’s sudden death several years earlier. But the following day Carmen received a frantic call at her office from Mia, who yelled “Mom, help me!” but refused to elaborate. She raced home to discover that Mia was too afraid to leave their apartment and go to the therapist by herself, something she’d done dozens of times. They went together, and by the time they arrived Mia seemed herself, if somewhat anxious. The therapist agreed that Mia should be watched closely.
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