Heart Palpitations: Is It Afib Or A Panic Attack? – Everyday Health

These feelings are either unusually intense or out of proportion to the reality. You may feel that youve always been a worrier. Or the anxiety may be triggered by a crisis. You may have extra stress at work or in your family. Although the crisis eventually goes away and the stress passes, an unexplained feeling of anxiety may last for months or years. Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder include: restlessness; irritability; poor concentration; muscle tension; sleep problems. A wide range of anxiety-related physical symptoms may seem like symptoms of heart disease, respiratory illness, digestive diseases and other medical illnesses.
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Its over. Farages race is run. There will be lots of excitement. Lots of talk of revolutions and earthquakes. And then peoples thoughts will turn away from registering a protest to electing a government. But no one in Labours ranks wants to listen to that at the moment. The great Ukip panic is already under way.
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Seek medical help if you think you have afib or panic symptoms . It’s important for a doctor to differentiate between the two conditions. If your heart starts racing, your mind might, too: Is this a panic attack? Is this a heart problem? Sometimes it’s hard to tell even for doctors. The irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation (afib), a physical disorder, shares some symptoms with a panic attack, an emotional problem, said John Day, MD, director of Heart Rhythm Services at Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Pounding in your chest, difficulty breathing, chest pain or discomfort, and feeling dizzy or lightheaded are panic attack symptoms that overlap with afib symptoms.
More: Heart Palpitations: Is It Afib or a Panic Attack? – Everyday Health


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