The Great Ukip Panic Is Under Way, And Labour Is Running From The Imaginary Threat – Telegraph Blogs

If your heart starts racing, your mind might, too: Is this a panic attack? Is this a heart problem? Sometimes it’s hard to tell even for doctors. The irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation (afib), a physical disorder, shares some symptoms with a panic attack, an emotional problem, said John Day, MD, director of Heart Rhythm Services at Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City. Pounding in your chest, difficulty breathing, chest pain or discomfort, and feeling dizzy or lightheaded are panic attack symptoms that overlap with afib symptoms. Sudden onset is another. Either could start at any time for any reason, Dr. Day said, about afib and panic attack. However, not all symptoms are the same, and the differences can help your doctors determine whats causing your heart to race. Afib or Panic Attack?
Source: Heart Palpitations: Is It Afib or a Panic Attack? – Everyday Health

The Left will say ape the elements of Ukips Left-wing agenda. The Right will say ape the Right-wing elements. And Nick Clegg remember him? will start to whisper see, we told you. Were the only party whos really prepared to stand up to Ukips nasty nationalism. And those whispers will resonate.
Source: The great Ukip Panic is under way, and Labour is running from the imaginary threat – Telegraph Blogs

Living with anxiety is hard, but there are coping mechanisms | Comment is free |

The Open University is sensitive to students’ individual needs, and the fact that I have taken to philosophy like a duck to water has boosted my confidence. I also do voluntary work online, as helping others helps me. Meanwhile, I’m adding to my CV for when life gets better. I cannot erase the stigma attached to mental health disorders, but I can make myself more marketable and hope for brighter days. They will come. Practically everything can be overcome. It’s important to remember that.
Source: Living with anxiety is hard, but there are coping mechanisms | Comment is free |


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