Generalized Anxiety Disorder May Require Specialized Treatment – Refresh – The Buffalo News

Typically those suffering from GAD and other anxiety disorders have low self-esteem, which is a factor in substance abuse. There is a high level among GAD sufferers to abuse prescription drugs. Many build up a tolerance to some of the drugs they have been given to treat the physical symptoms, leading them to visit multiple doctors for prescriptions. GAD sufferers are also cautioned to avoid caffeine and some over-the-counter cold medications can exacerbate the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Treatment GAD can be difficult to diagnose, because it is the symptoms, such as sleeplessness or headache, that cause someone to seek medical attention. It is estimated that less than half of the people who live with GAD receive treatment, As with many mental health issues, some patients respond to psychotherapy, others are helped with medication, and still others need a combination of treatments to achieve success. Cognitive therapy, which teaches a patient new ways of reacting to situations, can help reduce the anxiety and worry. Many also find self-help and support groups beneficial in sharing their challenges and discussing coping mechanisms.
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Added to the fear are uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as: a pounding heart; sweating; trembling; shortness of breath; chest discomfort; stomach upset; lightheadedness. Panic attacks often come with no warning but sometimes they have a specific trigger. People who suffer from panic attacks may avoid situations where an attack might start. In particular, theyll keep away from places such as theaters or airplanes, where it would be hard to get away quickly. Panic attacks are common, but the symptoms dont last. That is, they have a beginning and an end. But what you describe being scared of everything doesnt sound like a panic attack. Your anxiety and fear sound more constant.
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