The Great Ukip Panic Is Under Way, And Labour Is Running From The Imaginary Threat – Telegraph Blogs

So they turned and ran as well. In reality, there were no tanks. The Germans werent even ready to mount an attack on the front of the French positions never mind circumnavigate them and wouldnt be able so for another seven hours. But the damage was done. The line collapsed, and with it France. This morning the Labour Party is about to embark upon its own Tank Panic.
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Panic attacks are common, but the symptoms dont last. That is, they have a beginning and an end. But what you describe being scared of everything doesnt sound like a panic attack. Your anxiety and fear sound more constant. Thus, you may have generalized anxiety disorder. With this disorder, a person has nearly constant feelings of worry or anxiety. These feelings are either unusually intense or out of proportion to the reality. You may feel that youve always been a worrier.
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