Living With Anxiety Is Hard, But There Are Coping Mechanisms | Comment Is Free |

The men of the 295th were well prepared, relatively well armed, well dug in, and the German advance units were beginning to overextend themselves. But then as day began to turn to dusk a rumour began to spread throughout the French lines. The Germans were already there. In fact, tanks had been spotted behind them. In a matter of minutes they would be cut off. What followed became known as the Tank Panic, or the phenomene d’hallucination collective. The troops turned and ran. Their heavy artillery followed them.
Source: The great Ukip Panic is under way, and Labour is running from the imaginary threat – Telegraph Blogs

I’ve decided to go for my degree in politics, philosophy and economics, and the focus required keeps anxiety at bay. The Open University is sensitive to students’ individual needs, and the fact that I have taken to philosophy like a duck to water has boosted my confidence. I also do voluntary work online, as helping others helps me. Meanwhile, I’m adding to my CV for when life gets better. I cannot erase the stigma attached to mental health disorders, but I can make myself more marketable and hope for brighter days. They will come. Practically everything can be overcome.
More: Living with anxiety is hard, but there are coping mechanisms | Comment is free |


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