San Diego Doctor Offers Drug Free Anxiety Treatment & Care In San Diego. – – Columbia, South Carolina |

Dr. Dianne Ruth is one person who both understands and can help. She suffered from generalized anxiety and panic attacks for seven years beginning in 1979. Now, shes turned that experience into a way to help others with drug-free anxiety treatment and care. As one of the few anxiety treatment and care doctors in San Diego, she talks briefly about how it affected her life and what she did to overcome it in the story My 7 Years in Anxiety Hell . I sweated, shook, couldnt get my breath, my heart raced, I was dizzy, and I thought I was going to die.
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The researchers defined full-blown panic attacks as sudden fear, anxiety , or extreme discomfort accompanied by four or more DSM-defined panic attack symptoms. A total of 330 patients reported experiencing full-blown panic attacks over the 6 months before the study, and 273 had experienced limited-symptom panic attacks (anxiety plus 13 panic attack symptoms). Researchers determined the possible risk for coronary heart disease after adjustment for all relevant risk factors, including smoking, hypertension, body-mass index, depression history, and physical activity. The risk for subsequent heart disease was over 4 times higher, and over 3 times higher for stroke, in women who had experienced full-blown panic attacks than in those without panic histories, but not in women who didnt have full-blown panic attacks but merely symptoms of anxiety. Depression was not associated with cardiovascular events after adjustment for panic attacks. The researchers determined that panic attacks are relatively common among postmenopausal women. They also appear to be an independent risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in older women.
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