Day Two?: Panic Grips Karachi After Firing Dubbed An ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune

Dealing With Debilitating Anxiety Attacks That Limit Life

We did not see who opened fire but we gave them a strong answer, Abbas, who was deputed for security outside the ASF Camp, told The Express Tribune. There was no exchange of fire or attack. However, according to other witnesses, two masked men one dressed in khaki shalwar kameez and another in a pant and shirt came from a nearby slum, Pehlwan Goth, on a motorcycle and fired a few gunshots. Then, fled through the narrow streets towards Bhittaiabad. As the law-enforcement and security forces were already on alert, they took the firing seriously and immediately cordoned off the nearest slum area where the assailants had reportedly gone into hiding. A helicopter was also used for air surveillance. Rangers, police and ASF resorted to firing at every suspicious movement to avert any possible untoward incident. The routes leading to the airport were closed for traffic and flight operations suspended, but only for a while. All the flights were suspended immediately to avoid any untoward incident, however, after getting clearance within 20 minutes, all flights were allowed to move to their destinations, said Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson Abid Qaimkhani.
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Literally. “My grandfather died from a heart attack,” the life coach recounted in a HuffPost Live interview on Thursday. “So whenever I would have an anxiety or panic attack, it would be heightened by that fear that I’m having that exact same thing that took someone closest from me away.” As a result, Vennie refused to travel to places without a hospital nearby and often tethered himself to the parking lots of medical facilities. “I would sleep in my car in the parking lot of a hospital after having an anxiety attack, ” he explained. “Just in case I had another one, [so as to be] in close proximity to doctors and somewhere I could get help.” Watch the clip above to see how Quentin Vennie quelled his anxiety, and watch the full HuffPost Live segment on anxiety here. More: Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day.. Facebook
Source: Dealing With Debilitating Anxiety Attacks That Limit Life


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