Best Backdrop To Panic Attack?

And over 11% of people will suffer from panic attacks to the point that it interferes with their ability to function. Did you also know which superhero happens to be an expert on panic attacks? Batman! In this episode ofThe Arkham Sessions, we discuss the episode Fear of Victory from Batman: The Animated Series . In this classic episode, the menacing, sadistic villain Scarecrow escapes from Arkham Asylum and targets all of Gotham Citys star athletes. But Scarecrows fear-inducing crimes are actually not the highlight of this episode. Rather, its the sudden onset of Robins panic attacks, his struggle to overcome his fears, and Batmans surprising expertise in anxiety treatment that take center ring in this satisfying episode.
Source: The Arkham Sessions: The Psychology Of ‘Fear Of Victory’

The oncologist would rather be conservative with their prognosis and be wrong than the opposite. So yea! But that’s about something I’m taking care of…. Something outside of me which is part of the current problem; not having enough inside of me to be able to keep taking care of all these creatures and people outside of me. I have a psych appt on Tuesday which is good/bad. Good because psych appointment during time of need. Bad because it involves taking my dog up to Wisconsin to stay at the place where Husband stays during the week which is a rural wasteland with a friend who is…. SO draining and exhausting to listen to that I look forward to not having to deal with her.
Source: Best backdrop to panic attack?


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