Best Backdrop To Panic Attack?

Panic Disorder: Causes & Treatment for Panic Attacks | LiveScience

SO draining and exhausting to listen to that I look forward to not having to deal with her. The OTHER problem with her is that she is SO SWEET that being mad at her also involves guilt at feeling that way. So I don’t know what to do. Well, i know that going is probably advisable. But…… Ugh?!? (Classic groupthink, this is a mental health post so leave me the fuck alone) S (The above picture is a spray painted lace piece i sewed to that pole almost a year ago which is still here for Midsommerfest!) I also have to leave the cats along only a few days after Madison’s chemo and as I’ve been trying to get them on a better routine with wet food. It’s discombobulated but I feel uncomfortable leaving the apartment even if it’s for my own good.
Source: Best backdrop to panic attack?

Treatment While some people with very limited triggers can manage to avoid certain situations, those with frequent, full-fledged panic attacks can become very disabled by their condition. [ Related: To Stave Off Panic, Don’t Take a Deep Breath ] Sufferers can generally receive successful treatment before they start to avoid places or situations where panic attacks have occurred. Unchecked, panic disorder can be disabling and evolve into agoraphobia the sufferer prefers to remain housebound or only goes out on a limited basis with a small circle of trusted people. Early treatment can often prevent panic disorder from developing into agoraphobia, but it can sometimes be a tough condition to diagnose. However, once a diagnosis is in place, it is one of the most treatable of all of the anxiety disorders. As with most mental health issues, panic disorder is treated by psychotherapy, medication or a combination, depending on the severity and the response of the individual. Cognitive behavior therapy, a type of psychotherapy that teaches a person different ways of reacting to situations, has been an especially effective treatment for panic disorder. As for medications, anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants are commonly prescribed to ease panic disorders.
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Day two?: Panic grips Karachi after firing dubbed an ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune

The media should avoid using the word attack, said ASF DG Azam Tiwana in a joint briefing with Karachi police chief Ghulam Qadir Thebo and Rangers sector commander Colonel Javed. The airport is completely secured and law-enforcement agencies have the capability to respond. Inside job? Meanwhile, investigators probing Mondays brazen attack on the Karachi airports old terminal have included the possibilities of internal ASF involvement and airport staff. Agencies have started reviewing the record of staffers cell phones and keeping an eye on their movement, officials told The Express Tribune. In the majority of the major attacks, including PNS Base Mehran, General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, and PAF Base Minhas, Kamra, investigations showed internal involvement and arrests were made. After the GHQ attack in October 2009 , the army detained Brigadier Ali Khan, an officer who had been serving at the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, for his alleged ties to an extremist organisation. Similarly, in June 2011, defence officials informed a parliamentary committee that insiders were involved in PNS Base Mehran attack in Karachi.
Source: Day two?: Panic grips Karachi after firing dubbed an ‘attack’ – The Express Tribune


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