Mariners Go Quietly, Again, In 2-0 Loss To Twins | Seattle Mariners | The News Tribune

Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire opted for Fien to get the left-on-left matchups against two All-Stars: Cano and Seager. Fein never got to Seager; Cano bounced into, yep, another Mariners double play. Gardenhire called it the biggest out of the night. The Mariners are 0-for-22 with runners in scoring position since Brad Millers RBI double in the 14th inning of Saturdays 3-2 victory in Chicago. They are 2-for-36 in their past five games. Its baseball, McClendon said. It happens.
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That Time Todd Glass Thought He Was Having a Heart Attack |

Ive been a stand-up comedian for almost thirty years and I can honestly tellyou, without exaggeration, that it is my favorite thing to do. Every time Im about to take the stage I feel like a kid twenty feet from the entrance to Disneyland. Performing gives me an adrenaline rush like no other. Some nights Im so amped Ill sprint from backstage right into the middle of the crowd, doing some silly bit as I run up and down the aisles. Tonight is one of those nights. Sarah introduces me and I go straight for the crowd, overenthusiastically greeting each and every member of the audience, an exaggerated take on a comic whos way too eager to please. Five minutes later, when I finally make my way to the stage, I feel light-headed. My heart is pounding too fast and I cant catch my breath.
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Which ‘Married at First Sight’ couples tied the knot? | New York Post

Obviously I wasnt like what a knockout! I couldnt help but look at his family because they were like beaming, huge smiles looking at me, and I just happened to not be attracted to the guy. I just freaked out, she now tells The Post. I opened the door and started walking down the aisle and I thought, Oh my gosh, what am I doing? Looking at him, a complete stranger, I just lost it. Im really embarrassed. I was trying so hard to stay so composedand hes holding my hands and rubbing me trying to comfort me and I was like dont rub my hands its awkward! Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland Monet Bell immediately noticed husband Vaughn Copeland was handsome and tall.Photo: FYI He said: I like a girl who likes to play the wife-y role, as we say, Copeland says in the premiere. Hopefully shes cute.
More: Which ‘Married at First Sight’ couples tied the knot? | New York Post


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