2014 Preview: Colts Have The Weapons To Take The Next Step | Fox Sports On Msn

Reported knife threat lands Dalton man in jail | Times Free Press

2 offenses in 2013. Two high-powered offenses that rely on precision and timing. Offenses that could be disrupted against a decent pass rush. Indy will need a stopgap. And that’s second-year linebacker Bjoern Werner. He appeared in 13 games in 2013 and had 2.5 sacks. Despite his 6-foot-3 size, he had problems and got pushed around on the field due to a lack of strength. So the Colts coaching staff challenged him to beef up this offseason and he responded.
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“If you come toward me, I will cut you,” 31-year-old Jody Lee Raby told the other man, according to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report. The report gives this account: Raby and a juvenile girl walked into the Kangaroo Express on Carbondale Road about 8 p.m., but the clerk confronted them. “The two of you aren’t allowed in the store,” said Chelsea Lee Johns, 23. Raby and the girl stayed inside. Eventually, Johns’ husband, 23-year-old Brett Kelby Noblitt, drove to the store and came inside. He argued with Raby, and Raby whipped out a knife.
More: Reported knife threat lands Dalton man in jail | Times Free Press


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