Meister: A Halloween Invasion From Mars | Sf Bay Guardian

How Miesha Tate saved Bryan Caraway’s mother’s life | MMAjunkie

Isn’t there anyone?” Millions of Americans — panic-stricken, many of them — waited anxiously for a response to the message, delivered over the CBS radio network in slow, flat, mournful tones on the crisp Halloween eve of Oct. 30, 1938. “Isn’t … there … anyone?” There wasn’t. Listeners heard only the slapping sounds of the Hudson River. Many of New York’s residents were dead. The others had fled in panic from “five great machines,” as tall as the tallest of the city’s skyscrapers, that the radio announcer at CQ, New York, had described in the last words he would ever utter.
Source: Meister: A Halloween invasion from Mars | SF Bay Guardian

It was the scariest thing Ive ever seen. Her eyes were kind of rolling around in her head and at one point they rolled over and she looked right at me, just me and her, and I couldnt tell if she could see me, but looking into her eyes right there I was like, shes going to die. We have to do something. It felt like she was looking into my soul. Then out of nowhere Miesha picks up the inhaler, said Caraway. Without even thinking about what it might do to her, she takes, like, 10 puffs of the inhaler and then starts giving my mom mouth-to-mouth. At first, Caraway recalled, it seemed like a waste of time and valuable medicine. Theyd already tried the inhaler. What if she did start breathing again and needed it, only to find that it was all gone? I was just like, Its better to have none left than to have some left that she cant use because shes dead, Tate said.
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