Woman On ‘meth Rampage’ Emerges From Under Bed At U-district Condo – Seattle 911 — A Police And Crime Blog

At least two people were killed. “You said it was a fire incident. Well, if you hide it from people you can’t hide it from Allah,” Shekau says in the video, which according to AFP shows him next to at least 10 gunmen in front of two armoured personnel carriers and two pickup trucks. A confirmed attack by Boko Haram would be a cause for concern. Lagos is both an international business hub and a usually peaceful but at times uneasy melting pot of ethnicities from the mostly Christian south and Muslim north that have fought street battles in the past. The target of the Lagos bombs was a fuel depot. Had it gone up, it could have caused a massive chain explosion and disrupted Nigeria’s mostly imported fuel supply. Security sources say it may have been the work of a group or individual inspired by Boko Haram.
Source: Boko Haram leader claims blast in Nigeria’s Lagos – AFP – Yahoo News

At the home near Northeast 42nd Street and 11th Avenue Northeast, the couple found their mail torn open, clothing strewn about, lotion smeared on a door handle, the inner soles removed from all their shoes and a single screw embedded in a piece of scrap wood, which was jammed between a door and its frame, according to Seattle police reports. The only thing taken was $50 cash and a purse containing a 27-year-old womans identification was left on top of the couples bed, reports say. Responding officers looked for evidence of forced entry, but couldnt find any such signs. They surmised the only way into the couples home was to shimmy up a tree and enter through a window, according to the Seattle Police Department. Officers dusted for fingerprints, but couldnt find anything. Puzzled, they eventually left the home to report the incident.
More: Woman on ‘meth rampage’ emerges from under bed at U-District condo – Seattle 911 — A Police and Crime Blog


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