‘poltergeist’ Under Couple’s Bed Is Actually Woman On ‘meth Rampage’ | Wtkr.com

Now the word is coming up again with charges against one of the men most involved in bringing about the downfall of Marcos, 90-year-old Juan Ponce Enrile, a long-time senator and former defense chief, two other influential senators and numerous aides. Theyre all under arrest, but Enrile is getting special medical treatment in deference to his age and degenerating eyesight. His one-time top aide, Jessica Lucila Gigi Reyes, is demanding similar consideration after suffering a panic attack at the prospect of being held in the same room with women affiliated with the communist New Peoples Army. At the heart of whats said to be the biggest financial scandal in years is the ease with which politcos and bureaucrats are accused of having made off with large portions of government funds given to them to allocate for public purposes at their own discretion. Some of the funds may have come from a disbursement acceleration program set up by President Benigno Aquino III and still more from a priority development assistance fund, long regarded as a cesspool of graft and corruption. The Philippines supreme court has ruled both programs violate the countrys constitution. Aquino, in a televised defense of the disbursement acceleration program, addressed the Philippine people who elected him as bosses a play upon the familiar polite word of respect when asking for a favor or assistance. In this case, Aquino wanted Filipinos to distinguish between his scheme for providing quickly much needed assistance when and where needed from the corrupt practices of his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whose presidency was marred by charges of pervasive corruption. President Benigno S.
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Cops: Lansdale woman fled to 7-Eleven after boyfriend kicked in her door, assaulted her – North Penn Life – Montgomery News

The couple contacted Seattle police, who came to investigate. When officers arrived they looked for signs of a break-in, but found none. Police said the only other way into the couples home would have required someone to shimmy up a tree and climb through a window. Officers then dusted for fingerprints throughout the condo and found nothing. The officers then returned to their precinct to document the bizarre case. A short time later, officers received a second call from the couple, who said they had begun hearing noises coming from under their bed. Now facing the possibility of having to figure out how to arrest a poltergeist, officers dutifully sped back to the University District condo, the police report read. Police arrived just in time to see a 27-year-old woman emerging from the couples bedroom.
More: ‘Poltergeist’ under couple’s bed is actually woman on ‘meth rampage’ | WTKR.com

Philippines Mired In Worst ‘Plunder’ Scandal As Aquino Battles ‘Pork Barrel’ Claims – Forbes

Follow Michael Goldberg on Twitter @mg_thereporter. See Full Story A Towamencin man has been arrested in connection with an alleged domestic attack in Lansdale during which, police said, he kicked in the door of a womans apartment, and the victim eventually ran to a borough 7-Eleven for help. Andrew J. Stanek, 37, of the 700 block of Finnel Drive, faces charges of misdemeanor simple assault, misdemeanor criminal mischief and summary harassment after being taken into custody in the early morning hours of July 5. Lansdale police said that officers responded to the 7-Eleven on the 600 block of West Main Street at 4:27 a.m. after a store customer called to report a woman who was crying hysterically and saying she had just been assaulted. When officers arrived, police said, the woman appeared to be in the midst of a panic attack crying and gasping for breath and she had a visible bump on her forehead and a cut on her face, while complaining of head and body pain.
More: Cops: Lansdale woman fled to 7-Eleven after boyfriend kicked in her door, assaulted her – North Penn Life – Montgomery News


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