6 Mysterious Airline Tragedies That Stumped Experts For Years | 6abc.com

strike on an Iranian passenger flight. 2. 1996 TWA Flight 800 TWA Flight Attendant, Joanne Brody touches the names of several of her fellow employees and friends inscribed on the TWA Flight 800 memorial wall at Smith Point County Park, NY. Photo by Kathy Kmonicek / AP. 230 people were killed when TWA Flight 800 crashed just outside of JFK. A report four years later suggested that the accident was probably caused by an explosion of flammable air vapors in the fuel tank ignited by a short circuit. But the crash investigation was clouded in mystery when several witnesses came forward claiming they saw a missile hit the plane.
Source: 6 Mysterious airline tragedies that stumped experts for years | 6abc.com

Domino’s Becomes Battleground in Hamas Cyber Onslaught on Israel – Bloomberg

Some of the computer defenses the groups are trying to breach were developed in response to Hamass virtual war on Israel when they last clashed in 2012. During that eight-day conflict Hamas called on Palestinian software technicians the world over to attack Israeli websites; the government said there were more than 44 million attempts to bring down state sites alone. Late on July 3, pro-Palestinian activists posted on the Israeli military spokesmans Twitter page that a Gaza-launched rocket had hit the countrys Dimona nuclear reactor, causing a leak. The army denied it and said it was investigating how its page was compromised. We swiftly struck every part of Israel from Dimona to Haifa and forced you to hide in shelters like mice, read a July 16 message sent to Israeli mobile phones in Hebrew in the name of Hamass military wing, the Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades. The Israeli regional council of Binyamin on the outskirts of Jerusalem later said phones had been hacked and contact lists used to send out threatening messages like the one above. Dominos During the time hackers controlled the Dominos Facebook page, status updates included a threat to strike deep inside Israel. After Dominos regained control, it posted an image of a masked man wearing a headband in Hamass signature green color, with the caption, You cant defeat the Israeli hunger for pizza! Israeli hackers didnt stand idly by. They left some Hamas websites disabled for hours and others displaying content maligning the Islamist group and its leaders.
More: Domino’s Becomes Battleground in Hamas Cyber Onslaught on Israel – Bloomberg

Cyberwar council plan offered | The Journal Gazette

Cyberwar council plan offered Banks reliance on grid seen as terrorists dream Carter Dougherty | Bloomberg News WASHINGTON Wall Streets biggest trade group has proposed a government-industry cyberwar council to stave off terrorist attacks that could trigger financial panic by temporarily wiping out account balances, according to an internal document. The proposal by the Securities Industry and Financial Market Association, known as SIFMA, calls for a committee of executives and representatives from U.S. agencies including the Treasury Department, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, led by a senior White House official. The trade association also reveals in the document that SIFMA has retained former NSA director Keith Alexander to facilitate the joint effort with the government. Alexander, in turn, has brought in Michael Chertoff, the former Secretary of Homeland Security, and his firm, Chertoff Group. The document sketches an unusually frank and pessimistic view by the industry of its readiness for attacks wielded by nation-states or terrorist groups that aim to destroy data and machines. It says the concerns are compounded by the dependence of financial institutions on the electric grid, which is also vulnerable to physical and cyber attack.
For the original version, visit http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20140714/BIZ/307149992/-1/BIZ09


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