Iraqi Parliament Breaks Deadlock To Elect Speaker –

There were 60 abstentions. Lawmakers broke into applause after al-Jubouri passed the 165-vote threshold needed to win the post, before the proceedings turned to electing two deputy speakers – one Shiite and one Kurd. According to the constitution, parliament now has 30 days to elect a president, who will then have 15 days to ask the leader of the largest bloc in the legislature to form a government. Then a prime minister will be picked. Under an informal agreement that took hold after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, the speaker’s chair goes to a Sunni, the presidency to a Kurd and the prime minister’s post to a Shiite. The inability of al-Maliki’s government to prevent the militant offensive over the past month has deeply shaken confidence, both at home and abroad, in his ability to hold Iraq together.
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With goals starting to come back, Houston Dynamo turn attention to leaky defense |

Take a national nuclear waste repository like Yucca Mt. To make sure that dose to a distant drinking water well wont exceed 4 mrem in the next 100,000 years, will cost about $180 billion over 60 years, and thats if it goes without a hitch. Lots of other costs are not covered in that $180 billion, like the cost to prepare the waste to go there, one task being to turn 57 million gallons of waste up at Hanford, Washington into glass. The vitrification plant being built to do this, and the 40 years to operate it, will cost another $90 billion, and has had nothing but hitches. If more science-driven decisions were made, these costs would drop by seventy to eighty percent ( Reason ). Fortunately, the EPA is now considering 50 rem (50,000 mrem) as a more reasonable radiation threat level for evacuation, based on historical events, previous regulations and knowledge from nuclear experts ( NYTimes ). This particular change will be for only one of the regulations governing radiation, the one-time dose from an attack or an explosion, but will have a huge effect on all the other regulatory guidelines as well ( Washington Energy Report ). These other regulations are also being reconsidered ( EPA 40 CFR 190 ) and acceptable radiation levels for these regulations may increase more than ten-fold.
Source: Absurd Radiation Limits Are A Trillion Dollar Waste – Forbes

Absurd Radiation Limits Are A Trillion Dollar Waste – Forbes

The breakdowns come from us trying to support in attack. Then when the ball turns over theyre running at our goal and our players have to turn around and track back and its going to be difficult to recover. We need to make sure we dont put ourselves in that spot. A prime example of this was on Dominic Oduro ‘s goal Saturday versus Toronto FC. Fill-in left back Warren Creavalle ventured forward in the closing moments of the first half when the club had a 2-1 lead. Oduro hit the vacated space and punished Houston. Another topic that came up was the idea of emergency defending. Get more Dynamo news at Whether from a lack of pressure, poor shape or quality runs from opponents, the Dynamo find themselves turning and running at their own goal on occasion. A bad sign in soccer, and it has put the entire defense in a bad position.
Source: With goals starting to come back, Houston Dynamo turn attention to leaky defense |


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