Israel Is Losing Control Of The Gaza Media War

Soon after the news broke of the intense battle in Shijaiyah, the Israeli Defense Forces tweeted this: Shuja’iya is a civilian area where Hamas places its rockets, tunnels and command centers. IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014 “Nothing in those three tweets constitutes either a defense of, or explanation for, the killing of tens of non-combatants,” Mason wrote. “But in the space between them, anybody following the Gaza conflict from both sides would have seen tens of independently shot images and accounts of civilian death and the destruction of housing and civilian infrastructure. The incident shows who is winning the social media war over Gaza. It is evidence of a massive change in the balance of power between social media and the old, hierarchical media channels we used to rely on to understand wars.” The change and its implications for the public’s understanding of the conflict has also been noticed by other observers of the region. Something that [journalists] might have said to friends at a bar now goes out on Twitter,” David Pollock, an Arab-Israeli relations expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Mashable. There are more journalists on the ground this time around, compared to 2009, when Israel launched a major military campaign into Gaza and the IDF prevented foreign media from entering the territory.
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Dana White Loves Stefan Struve, but He’s Concerned About Giving Him Another Fight – Yahoo Sports

It wasnt his physical; it was his mental that night I think. The bad news is, Struve could be a liability to a future fight card. A fight dropping off the main card moments before a broadcast is a nightmare scenario for a promotion. While White is fond of the one-time heavyweight contender, hes concerned about giving him another fight. I love Stefan Struve . I love the kid, said White. He had this issue, and Im sure hes nervous about his health. So well see. He cant do that again.
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