Toughest Jobs In Sports: World Cup Referee | Dirty Tackle – Yahoo Sports

Offsides or no offsides? And let’s face it, because soccer is so low-scoring, those kinds of decisions that can lead to goals carry much more weight than decisions in other sports. Over a season, you hope the calls balance out, but at a tournament like the World Cup, sometimes you don’t have time for that to happen.” Though being vilified after bad calls and ignored after good ones is the norm for referees in every sport, the pressure on officials at a World Cup is immeasurable as a result of the consequences of a missed call. The stakes are arguably higher than any other sporting event since it’s held every four years, the pride of entire nations is on the line and more people watch it than even the Super Bowl. View gallery . A Danish supporter attacked referee Herbert Fandel late in a 2008 Euro Cup qualifier (AP) From a controversial red card for England ‘s Wayne Rooney , to a penalty kick awarded to France , to a disputed Switzerland goal against South Korea, Elizondo had an eventful World Cup even before Zidane’s infamous headbutt.
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Israel/Gaza conflict: Questions and Answers | Amnesty International USA

According to the Israeli army, Hamas military wing and other Palestinian armed groups fired over 1,700 rockets into Israel from 8 to 18 July, and scores of rockets continue to be fired every day. Three civilians in Israel have been killed. Homes and other civilian properties in Israel have been damaged. International humanitarian law prohibits the use of weapons that are by nature indiscriminate. The rockets fired from Gaza into Israel cannot be aimed exactly at their objective and their use violates international humanitarian law. The firing of indiscriminate rockets and mortars also endangers Palestinian civilians inside the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank. Statements by some leaders of Palestinian armed groups also indicate that they have no qualms about launching attacks against civilians and that they in fact carry out such attacks intending to kill and injure Israeli civilians. Attacks that directly target civilians and indiscriminate attacks that kill or injure civilians constitute war crimes.
More: Israel/Gaza conflict: Questions and Answers | Amnesty International USA


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