Egypt: Deaths In Police Custody, Once A Spark For Revolt, Now Met By Shrugs –

That could lead to an arrest, extradition, a trial and conviction years down the road. But these are chances Putin seems willing to take. Maybe he can still apologize, says Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as National Security Adviser under President Jimmy Carter. But he would have to swallow a lot of mendacity. Besides, for now, Vladimir Putin answers to virtually no one. His command of the Russian airwaves will help him manage any blowback at home, spinning even the most damning evidence as part of an ancient American conspiracy. The more the world picks on him and Russia, the more it feeds a Russian will to push back, out of a sense of pride and victimhood.
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One showed a photo of an old man slumped against a wall, his white robe stained with blood he had vomited, due to a pre-existing health condition.Two others recalled how an imprisoned Syrian doctor removed shrapnel from an inmate’s leg, using plastic spoons and Dettol. ‘Rampant’ torture Torture,a staple of Egyptian detention, continues unabated. Amnesty International has described the practice as “rampant,” and its researchers report an upsurge since April for reasons that remain unclear. Methods include electrocution and hanging. Former detainees from police stations andprisonsacross Egypt say heavy beatings and sexual abuse are commonplace. In May, middle-aged Ezzat Abdel-Fattah died inside the Matareya police station. A forensic report releasedlast weekrevealed the tax collector had sustained nine broken ribs, gashes, hemorrhaging, and a concussion, among other injuries, before his death. A family friend learned of his death after hearing that he had been transferred to a local hospital.She found his body there.They tortured him for three days inside that station, and at the end, they didnt even tell me he was dead, says his son, Ahmed. Emam Fouad, an activist in theApril 6thYouth Movement, recalls one incident at the Wadi Natrounprisonin May when dozens ofprisoners were stripped naked and beaten, then forced to sing nationalist songs.
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